World Eater Week 11 Starts and Sits - Wide Receivers and Quarterbacks

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By: Ryan Hawks (@RyanWorldEater)

Here we go again! As we get into the final quarter of the season, it is more important than ever for teams to get their lineups right each and every week. World Eater sorts through all the nonsense and finds only the best and worst matchups to focus on for our weekly starts and sits. Read on for our focus on wide receivers and quarterbacks.

World Eater Week 11 Starts and Sits – Wide Receivers and Quarterbacks

Wide Receivers


Sterling Shepard vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Our first start of the week comes in New York Giants receiver Sterling Shepard. Some might be hesitant to start Shepard because now that he is the Giants number one receiver, he will presumably be going up against Marcus Peters, the Kansas City Chiefs stud number one corner.

Well, unlike many of the lockdown corners in the league, Peters does not shadow receivers. Instead he just sticks to one side of the field, and rarely even lines up against receivers in the slot. This means that Shepard, who lives in the slot, is likely to avoid him for a significant amount of snaps.

Once Peters is taken out of the equation, the Chiefs secondary is basically non-existent. They are giving up the most points of any team in the league to wide receivers. Combine that with the fact that Shepard is seeing a crazy amount of targets since he’s been back from injury. In the past two games, he’s seen nine, and then a whopping 13 targets.

Shepard is a player teams so have no problem trusting to put up some big numbers for their squad this week.

Tyreek Hill at New York Giants

Here at World Eater, we like when we have parity. This week, we get to see it again, with one starting wide receiver from the Giants, and one for their opponents, the Chiefs. For the Chiefs, Tyreek Hill is an excellent start in a game that has potential for a lot of points to be scored.

Hill has been boom or bust all season, but with an extra week for Andy Reid to get some creative schemes to get Hill the ball, he could be in for an explosion of points this week. Reid takes full advantage of his bye week, boasting a ridiculous 16-2 record after a bye week!

While that might be a little known stat, something that most people know is how bad the Giants defense has been lately. The Giants are in the bottom ten in stopping fantasy receivers. It seems like their head coach, Ben McAdoo, is losing the locker room, especially the defense. He suspended both of the Giants starting corners, Janoris Jenkins, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie each for one seperate game. They might not be motivated to play very hard for him.

All of this combined is perfect opportunity for Hill to have a nice stat in Sunday’s game. Anyone with him on their squad should insert him right into their lineup.


Kelvin Benjamin at Los Angeles Chargers

Moving on to this week’s sits, a player that team need to avoid at all costs this week is Buffalo Bills wideout Kelvin Benjamin. In his debut with the Bills, Benjamin didn’t do much. He caught three of six passes for 42 yards. He probably worked really hard in his first two weeks to develop some chemistry with quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Well, now he has to start all over again. As if reminding the league that the Bills are mostly inept as an organization, they inexplicably decided to bench Taylor in favor of fifth-round draft pick, Nathan Peterman. This puts a huge damper on Benjamin’s already low ceiling.

In addition to that. The Chargers cornerbacks are no joke in pass coverage. Pro Football Focus has Trevor Williams as number four, and Casey Hayward tied with Richard Sherman in seventh for the least amount of yards per snap given up to wide receivers.

Benjamin is going to have a really tough time getting his hands on the football this week. He needs to stay out of lineups so he has time to come up with a good argument for his head coach on why Taylor needs to go back to being the starter.

Jordy Nelson vs Baltimore Ravens

Next on our list of sits in none other than Green Bay Packers pass-catcher, Jordy Nelson. Nelson has been utter trash since Aaron Rodgers went down week six against the Minnesota Vikings. While most knew that his expectations would have to be tailored, few thought that he would be this bad.

He a combined 6.8 points in standard leagues since Brett Hundley took over. Those thinking that this week might be the week he gets in the same page with Hundley, need to think again. The Baltimore Ravens are giving up the second fewest points to wide receivers this season. This does not bode well for Nelson, and the entire Packers offense.

Things are looking really bad for Nelson right now. If he keeps up this putrid pace of post-Rodgers output, he could be a drop candidate in a few weeks. For now, any sane owner would be wise to keep him out of their lineup.



Derek Carr vs New England Patriots

Transitioning into our quarterbacks for the week, we will start with Derek Carr, the Oakland Raiders signal caller, who teams need to start this week. Carr has been up and down all season, but overall, a disappointment for fantasy owners. With the Raiders season on the line in Mexico City against the New England Patriots, the Silver and Black’s leader will rise to the occasion.

Carr’s touchdowns are way down this year, but since he finally came to life in week seven against the Kansas City Chiefs, he hasn’t thrown for under 300 yards. This streak will probably continue this week against a Patriots secondary that is synonymous with swiss cheese. They are giving up the second most points to quarterbacks in fantasy.

Team owners might be afraid that Carr will be a victim of Oakland’s horrible play calling that has hindered them for most of the season. They have a rookie offensive play coordinator in Todd Downing, and the growing pains have been obvious. However, looking over Downing’s comments about work that they did over the bye week, it looks like they might be going back to some of the plays that made them such a high-octane offense last year.

Start the Carr this week, and race towards a win!

Alex Smith at New York Giants

Transitioning into our next start candidate, while staying in the AFC West, we have quarterback Alex Smith, of the Kansas City Chiefs. We already mentioned how Hill is going to annihilate the New York Giants secondary, but he can’t do it without Smith throwing him the pigskin.

Since the Patriots are giving up the second-most points to quarterbacks this season, some might wonder who is giving up the most. Well, that would be none other than the New York Giants. It’s not just wide receivers that are tearing it up against them either, but also tight ends. Here’s a ridiculous stat: The Giants have allowed a tight end to score a touchdown in ten straight games!

Even if the Giants find a way to slow down Hill, they are highly unlikely to finally fix their tight ends woes. It just so happens that the Chiefs have a monster of a tight end named Travis Kelce. Kelce has scored in three straight games and will almost definitely continue that streak this week.

Their Giants troubles are Smith’s gain, as he will have plenty of his playmakers running free all over the field. He need to be in team’s lineups so his efforts in fantasyland don’t go to waste.


Jared Goff at Minnesota Vikings

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff has been a trendy add the past few weeks. He has been performing admirably, throwing for a beastly amount of yards (666), seven touchdowns, and no interceptions. This is the week that he falls back to earth though.

Minnesota has given up the tenth fewest points to quarterbacks. The Vikings boast a great all-around defense. They have standouts like Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes in their secondary, as well as Anthony Barr and Everson Griffen in their front seven. They should all work together to put pressure on Goff, and make throwing lanes tough to come by.

Goff might not bunk out completely, but he is highly unlikely to come close to kind of production he has seen the past few weeks. If teams are carrying two quarterbacks, they might with to go with their other option this week.

Dak Prescott vs Philadelphia Eagles

Our final player highlighted for this week’s column is Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys. Life was predictably tougher to for Prescott last week in his first game of the season without his draftmate Ezekiel Elliott. Even he couldn’t have predicted it would go as bad as it did though.

Prescott took eight sacks against a furious Falcons defensive line. Without their starting tackle Tyron Smith, Adrian Clayborn dished out six of those sacks. It’s not going to get any easier this week either. Smith is still out, and Philadelphia Eagles are coming to town with some hungry pass-rushers of their own.

As a unit their defense already has 25 sacks for the season. Brandon Graham has five and Fletcher Cox has 4.5. They are both chomping at the bit to get after Prescott this week and are probably looking to double their season total. Prescott is going to have to get the ball out of his hands in a hurry, and it could get him into trouble against a better than average Eagles secondary.

If possible, teams need to stay away from putting Prescott into their lineups until the Cowboys get their offensive line back together.

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