World Eater Week Ten Starts and Sits - Running Backs and Quarterbacks

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By: Ryan Hawks (@RyanWorldEater)

Week ten is almost here! There are still a ton of fantasy teams who still aren’t sure of who to start, and who to leave on their bench. Read on to find out which running backs, and which quarterbacks will eat up opponents in starting lineups, and which ones need some time to think about their place in the world on the bench.

World Eater Week Ten Starts and Sits – Running Backs and Quarterbacks



Ben Roethlisberger at Indianapolis Colts

The Pittsburg Steelers march into Indianapolis against a free-falling Colts team this Sunday that is losing bodies left and right, especially on defense. Ben Roethlisberger typically isn’t a player to to start on the road, but this week will be an exception.

Indianapolis just announced that they cut their only real defensive back, cornerback Vontae Davis. They also put promising defensive end Henry Anderson on injured reserve. They already lost their first round pick with an ACL injury, safety Malik Hooker, so now they are thinner than ever.

Basically, Roethlisberger should be able do whatever he wants against a nonexistent Colts defense. Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster should have a great day. Also, don’t be surprised if Bell is utilized in the pass-game to keep him happy.

Start Roethlisberger this week, and enjoy the fireworks.

Josh McCown at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown is not a player that incites a lot of excitement in real life or fantasy football. Against a reeling Tampa Bay Buccaneers team this week, he is an excellent streaming candidate. Tampa Bay is giving up the seventh most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season.

Aside from that, he’s been putting up some pretty decent fantasy numbers the past few weeks. He has multiple touchdown passes in five of the past six games. Last week was the only game during that span where he only had one touchdown pass, but he did add a rushing touchdown. This gives him a really good floor that team owners should take advantage of this week.

Right now he is sitting at a 60% ownership rate, a number that has risen a whopping 26% percent the past day. People are catching on that he is a player to start this week. Don’t get caught crying in the dust. Teams that have quarterbacks on a bye, or a bad matchup, need to grab McCown and put him in their lineups.


Kirk Cousins vs. Minnesota Vikings

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins wants to get paid. Some weeks he makes his case, and other weeks he makes people wonder what the Redskins see in him. In the eight game he has played he has either been exceptional or synonymous with a trash can.

He had a four-week span where he put up at least 20 fantasy points. Then, in the other four games, he couldn’t even top twelve points. This week should be the tie-breaker. Well, don’t expect much from him. In fact, against the Minnesota Vikings defense, he should be avoided at all costs.

The Vikings are giving up the fourth fewest points to quarterbacks. Their secondary is locking down receivers, and their pass rush is getting to quarterbacks. Some might be tempted to start Cousins because he hasn't really needed his wide receivers this season. He gets by with dump offs to his running backs and passes to his tight ends.

The Vikings great group of linebackers that include Anthony Barr should make that difficult for Cousins this week. Teams with him as their only option this week should go out and grab someone like McCown and save themselves from absorbing a loss this week.

Philip Rivers at Jacksonville Jaguars

This week’s victim of the Jacksonville Jaguars shut-down secondary is Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers is a guy who seems to be getting by on name value alone. He has put together a few solid games, but this is a week his name has absolutely no value on team’s rosters.

We’ve been over just how seriously the Jaguars have been victimizing wide receivers this season. It’s not just wide receivers, though. Their corners, combined with their unforgiving pass rush, is making quarterbacks wish they faked an injury by the time the game is done. Overall, the Jaguars are giving up the least points to quarterbacks this season.

Despite a bad matchup, Rivers has been putting together some pretty mediocre games as it is. He has only topped 20 fantasy points once this season, and hasn’t even been able to muster 16 points in his last three games. Rivers is a candidate to outright drop as soon as another option presents itself.

Running Backs


Jordan Howard vs Green Bay Packers

Starting off with a running back who is in perfect position for a great game this week is Jordan Howard against the Green Bay Packers. Now that the Packers lost the glue to their team, Aaron Rodgers, their offense has disappeared. This puts Howard in a prime spot for a monster workload this week.

On the season, Green Bay gives up the fourth most points to running backs. This number is likely to get even worse as the season goes on, since teams will be able to run the ball a lot more without having to keep up with the kind of points Rodgers puts up behind the helm of the Packers offense.

There was a period in the season where analysts though Howard was going to lose touches to scat back Tarik Cohen. Luckily, the Bears realized that they were making a mistake. Howard has at least 20 carries in the last three games, and at least 18 since week three.

The Bears love to control the clock, and keep rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky from having to do too much. They should be able to play some good bully ball this week against a Packers offense that struggles to even stay on the field. Howard is going to eat this week.

Carlos Hyde vs New York Giants

Another great running back this week who is basically the only source of his team’s offense is San Francisco 49ers ball carrier Carlos Hyde. Hyde has an excellent matchup against the Giants, who have been getting gouged by running backs for most of the season.

This is another matchup that plays great to running backs. Since New York lost their star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. for the season, their offense has gone into hibernation mode. They also give up the tenth most points to running backs this season. Hyde should get plenty of touches this week as the 49er play keep away and control the clock to keep Eli Manning off the field.

Hyde may not have numbers that jump off the stat sheet, but he is involved in both the pass game and run game, giving him a nice ceiling every week. Add that to the fact that their only real receiving threat, Pierre Garcon, went to injured reserve last week. Hyde should be more involved than ever as the only real skill player on the entire team.

Teams need to make sure they don’t forget to put Hyde into their lineups this week.


Doug Martin vs. New York Jets

“The Muscle Hamster” and “The Dougernaut,” are some nicknames Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin has gotten throughout his career. Well, this week, he might get another one. “The DougFlowBack” is one that might fit, because Martin is a running back whose fantasy points are completely dependent on gameflow.

This week does not bode well for him in that aspect. Last week the Jets held LeSean McCoy to a measly 25 yards on 12 carries. Martin will be lucky to get that many carries this week without Mike Evans and Jameis Winston in the lineup. The Bucs will struggle to put up points, and their defense won’t be able to pick up the pace against an underrated Jets offense.

Gameflow will undoubtedly be against Martin. He doesn’t have much value as a pass-catcher, leaving him obsolete when the team gets behind and has to abandon the run. Last week was a prime example. Tampa Bay got behind early and ended up only giving Martin eight carries. He didn’t do anything with them either, only mustering seven yards.

He needs to be left out of all lineups this week.

Chris Thompson vs Minnesota Vikings

The Washington Redskins have found an interesting player in running back Chris Thompson. He has only had one game this season where he has gone over 40 yards rushing, yet he is a top ten back, even in standard scoring.

Thompson has been Cousins’ go to guy in the pass game since the Redskins decided to get rid of any wide receiver who could catch the ball. He doesn’t do much on the ground, but his pass catching and running combo give him a really good floor every week.

Teams are starting to adjust though, and last week, the Seattle Seahawks were able to hold him to just 11 yards through the air, and 20 yards on the ground. This week should be a similar scenario against the Vikings stout defense. They don’t just have a good defensive line, but they also boast an excellent group of linebackers.

This is another week where Thompson will disappoint. Teams should look at other options and reassess next week.

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